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Huneke Enterprises, LLC

     Huneke Enterprises, LLC is an electrical/HVAC contracting company based in Waxahachie, TX. We have jobs all over the state, primarily doing commercial or industrial work. We have been in business since 1998 and have steadily grown.

     Joseph Huneke, a Master Electrician, began the company working by himself doing small jobs around the area as a second job. His 'first job' was working as the head electrician at Southwestern Assemblies of God University, which he credits for helping to give him the opportunity to expand his company while being available to them 24/7. The relationships he made while being on staff there helped him get to where he has gotten to now. That and his eagerness to excel, hard working spirit, and willingness to do what he has to to get a job done, is what makes him stand out from others.

     As Joseph began taking on bigger projects and needing more hands, he began acquiring help a little at a time at first. Hitting the 20 year mark, Joseph continues to see his visions of growth come to pass. He uses his 40+ years of electrical experience to make sure things are done right; both the technical work, and the work ethic behind the work.

     Laurie Huneke filled in as a 'temporary secretary' in 2004 when Joseph's secretary at the time had to move. Having just graduated college and being pregnant with their first child, she initially stepped in until Joseph could find a new permanent secretary. But - she fell in love with the 'behind-the-scenes' of the contracting trade and has been here ever since. Laurie juggles both the responsibilities of co-owning Huneke Enterprises and serving in the Army Reserves as a Religious Affairs NCO. The structure, attention to detail, and leadership qualities she has learned through her Army training have been a huge asset to use as a business owner. She acknowledges she could not fulfill her passion and desire to serve this country without the supporting role of Joseph. 

     Joseph and Laurie enjoy working as a team to provide the best for not only their two kids, but for their 'family' of employees and customers. They have learned to use the strengths and weaknesses the Lord has given them both to help complement each other and build a better foundation. 

     Huneke Enterprises, LLC takes pride in the relationships we have built with our fellow subs and GC's. Having integrity, doing what's right, taking care of our employees, and blessing others, has helped us accomplish all that we have.

     Please feel free to look the jobs we have had the opportunity to accomplish, or to check into some of the organizations that we support. We are always looking to meet more General Contractors and clients, in order to show them the quality work we can perform, or to point someone in the right direction of an organization they might be willing to invest in.


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